“Different, but not wrong – just different!”

The importance of understanding and respecting each other’s differences is the key essence in what we need to create in developing high performing teams, and happy home life.   “Pressing The Right Buttons” encourages us to appreciate and value all types. – There is great strength in diversity.

How do you discover the real you? Most often we are a blend, but let’s look at your primary driver.

The PRECISE personality – love to do it right

KEY STRENGTH – love to get things done in a logical and orderly manner.  Their focus is on completing the task with excellence. e.g.  They struggle to leave a job incomplete.  They bring huge value to any organisation with their critical skills and strategies.

The POWERFUL personality – loves to take charge

KEY STRENGTH – is that you know what can be achieved and clearly see the immediate gain. For example, you focus on results and outcomes, therefore you can make decisions quickly. You have an authoritative and convincing presence, naturally gravitating to leadership roles.

The PEACEFUL personality – love to create a non-threatening environment

KEY STRENGTH – best at nurturing and building a cohesive team, the ultimate ‘diplomat’. Easy to get along with and are valued for their non-abrasive manner. Because they listen well they bring clarity to any meeting.

The PLAYFUL personality – desire is to have fun

KEY STRENGTH – is that they know how to bring energy and life into dull situations. For example, they have the knack of making meetings interesting and lively.  The most important contribution ‘Playfuls’ make in the workplace is their high energy and enthusiasm. They will stay optimistic and buoyant in uncertain times – e.g.  restructuring, pressured time frames.